KOMO certified

In the Dutch construction industry, the KOMO label is awarded to products and services that meet certain quality requirements. Our AT Connect couplers are KOMO certified in categories 1 and 2 for static and dynamic loads. That means that with AT-Ankertechniek, you ensure yourself of a product of the highest quality.

Quick shipping

At AT-Ankertechniek, we can offer quick shipment of all of our products. Many of our customers choose us because of that. We can deliver standard sizes and diameters directly from our large warehouse. Custom made products are available within just a few days.

Production in The Netherlands

AT-Ankertechniek was founded in 2015 and has worked for the construction and prefab concrete industry. We have extensive machinery at our disposal at our self-owned production site in Montfoort, located in the province of Utrecht. This is where we work to ensure our customers of quality products, good service and quick shipping.

ISO certified

We value quality highly. That’s why we had our organisation’s quality management system ISO certified. We continuously strive to improve our services. We frequently re-evaluate our process to improve our business and our efficiency. This way, we can keep guaranteeing the quality products and services our customers have grown to expect of us.